Sunday, October 11, 2015

We Love You, Cousin Ann

Cousin Ann came from London to Chicago to Hamilton, Missouri to Charlotte for a visit:)
So grateful that she fit us in after Jenny Doan at Missouri Star Company.
And thrilled that she came at all ..seeing that my love has gone.
Here she is with her fabric stash to take back to London.
 We poured over it with love...far into the night...
 She put together freehand, this cute little quilt to take on the airplane.
It is already well traveled.
 Ann just left now for Vancouver...for training for her new job as chief actuary for all of the UK.
After Vancouver she goes back to London.
There she transits to Argentina to meet up with her man who is working there.

We celebrated with wine....ha ha Layer Cake.
And, since Ann fell in love with Missouri, Nancy brought over some Missouri wine.
Did you know that when the vineyards in California had disease, they took roots from the vineyards of Missouri to save the day???  A million years ago , of course.
A napkin present from Ann to me...right up my alley
I found this interesting article on a blog..arthritis and quilting

We had a wonderful time celebrating Cousin Ann's birthday. for the other thing...
Grief has taken me down again..a mean spirited surprise after 10 nice days.
I spent the last two days in bed...exhausted and teary.
I have decided that writing all this in my blog is helpful in charting my progress.
If I do not write it down, I am prone to think that I have made no progress at all.
So exhausted from having fun.
Why did I think I was normal now?
So worth it Cousin Ann
And, I must give a shout out to Muggs who has finally reached her goal of being my age.!!
Happy Birthday Muggs.!!!


smazoochie said...

I think your Mr.'s cousin Ann is now your cousin Ann. Did she catch the quilting bug from you?
So funny that she included a Missouri detour on her trip.
A bottle you should add to your drinking list: Patchwork, from Australia.
I'm sorry the low has returned, but I am grateful you had those good days.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Hello Cousin Ann, and Happy Birthday to Muggs. Love and hugs to you to get you through the bad sad days,
So funny that Beth mentions that Patchwork wine. I was spring cleaning a kitchen cabinet today and came across a bottle.