Monday, October 26, 2015

Random Shots of a Very Good Day

Bye bye asthma...bye bye....
Today I woke up well.
I jumped out of bed and said, YES!!!!  Oh, YES!!!
And I the grocery store..and to the pet store...and back.
Year three of Halloween bags...still well used and well loved.
Used to be when I was young...besides the long walk to school uphill in the snow...
that we waited for Halloween all year.
Now my grandes have already had three Halloween parties with bags full of candy.
Photo star...15 year old Pumpkin in her basket on my table.
 Being an equal opportunity cat lover.......
11 year old Tigger...from Pittsburgh..
 demanded his own basket... He got it today.
Weekend cutting included 23 zippy coin purses..already for sewing.
I just ordered 100 more happy bright rainbow colored 10 inch zippers for $30   Cannot wait for the fun to start.
 Just a show off...I am...
My organizational skills...ha!
See it now, or forever lose your chance!!
Confession:  At Aldi today, I bought the Halloween candy to give out Saturday night.
The candy has only been in the house a few hours.
Six pieces are already missing.
Impossible me.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Those halloween bags are almost bursting with goody goodness! Love all the cats in baskets. And best of all it's great to hear your asthma has head for the hills. Of course you had to sample some of the halloween candy to see if it was good enough to hand out.

Courtney said...

So happy to hear the asthma episode is over! Sounds like you had fun celebrating! What's with the Pittsburgh cat? I'm from Pittsburgh too. I didn't realize you had I a connection!

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Lovely Halloween bags, filled just fine. I'm pleased you take the trouble to test the treats before handing them out!!! I had a cat who loved to sleep in the fruit basket.
So happy that you are feeling better.

Ellen Guerrant said...

So glad you are finally well! Hope you continue to do well. Hope to se you soon.

Hugs -