Saturday, October 24, 2015

Steroid Sally

Christmas tree top sewn together to make room on the design wall.
Getting hyped on  this funky quilt.
Need to  have enough Christmas quilts for each child's bed.
Once I size it and border it, I am going to sew buttons on the trees.
Fun required.
 Voila..60 hand warmers pinned for sewing.
 One for each pocket warms 30 school personnel on cold playground duty.
I am furious.
Furious that I have asthmatic bronchitis and my dear man is not here to hug me.
Furious that he did everything right.
Exercised.  Ate well. No alcohol nor tobacco. Loved
Died anyway... ALS.
Furious that I have to come home to no fire burning, no dinner made, no sweet man.
Furious that I put so much love and work into raising my wonderful son.
An addict anyway...Heroin.
Furious that sweet 49 yer old Rhonda has stage four brain cancer.
She did everything right, plus she is an awesome person.
Got it anyway.

I am not always furious. 
But, tonight I am.
Steroid Sally
Tonight is the last night on 10!!
Rant now overtaken by the hum of the sewing machine!!!


smazoochie said...

No! It isn't fair! And you have every right to be furious!
For a while. Rage is not sustainable. I know you know that. The widow & grandma who is making heaps of handmade Christmas gifts & is planning a Christmas quilt for all the little ones' beds knows that.
I hope you are felling better -- SOON?
Sending hugs.

smazoochie said...


Quiltdivajulie said...

Rant heard and understood. Here's to the glorious soothing hum of the sewing machine... And a virtual hug or two.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

You need to rant at injustices, I wish it helped in the grand scheme of things but as long as it helps you. I love the idea of special Christmas quilts. I still have to finish one Christmas Quilt.

Barb said...

great quilt - feel better soon