Monday, October 19, 2015

The Roots of my Love

Trillions of dollars have transferred to online fabric stores this past year from me to them....
Me, in desperation to try to keep myself out of the abyss and the midnight madness.
Trying so hard to keep a grip with pretty fabrics and pretty fabric dreams.
And, now...
Back to the roots of my love..scrap fabric, old clothing fabric.
The shirts worn with love by Himself.
Only one more shirt to cut up.
 It is time.
 Up close here, the flower pens we made for the front office at the school.
Pretty and happy and cheap and easy.
I have now read 9 widow books.  I learned something from all of them.
 I learned the most from this one:  CS Lewis, On Grief Observed
I might have written it. (well, not literally, emotionally)
I have now read it twice.( in the daytime..ha!!.)  I would buy it, but Muggs will not let me.
She does not believe in that.  She will just keep taking it out again and again from the library for me.
Never mind, I have taken notes into my I-Phone in case I need reminders. 

Among quotes that resonate with me...
"Grief is lazy..loathing the slightest effort of shaving or bathing."
"Expressed grief is an embarrassment to all I meet, making them uncomfortable"
"Grief is fear and concussion"
"She is dead and the reality of who she was becomes more and more my own reality" 

Oh, my...time for me to sign off,  my friends. 


Rachaeldaisy said...

It's so good you've found books that have words of comfort and understanding. Those flower pens are so pretty, like a spring bouquet.

Debbie said...

There is something about those scraps of fabrics, holding them in your hand and matching up the colors! I am the queen of ripping out, I think I read that in another post, or maybe it was here?? But you get the idea...