Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Sun Came up this Morning

The sun came up this morning without me.
I was quite grateful.  Especially that I did not have to be in charge of that too!!
I have a really beautiful back yard.  We put it together ourselves.
When I would suggest this..or that...My dear man would say for me to
draw out the plans and he would make it.
Lucky me.
Since I have been so sick, I have been practicing the four letter word:
That has never been easy for me.

Moving on....
Look..., the old look:
 Now, the new look:)
You can see the other red shelf in the background ready for the blacks and greys.

Fine, it may not shake the earth with purpose, but it is good enough for me.
I love fabric.
What else do I love??
Here they grands...going off to Karate graduation.  The older two are not happy that the five year old is so behind in belts...whatever....
They are afraid poor Dylan will hold them back.
 My husband loved woodworking.  I have taken this dish he made to keep by my side.
It is now right by my sewing machine, holding my this and my that.
The Baptists came one time to make his shop in the garage at wheelchair height.
But, his diaphragm was already shot and he was too weak.
He was never strong enough to use it.
I thought that there was always time for more seam rippers and bowls...but I was wrong.

Tonight, a novel...not a widow book!!!!

Old Flames 


beth said...

What a beautiful dish to keep right by your side. Have you read Wendell Berry's fiction? He's one of my favorites.

eplus said...

Love the red - makes me smile and you will too. I'd call them "happy shelves" and load 'em up. Keep writing, keep talking, keep going. You are a marvel.