Friday, October 16, 2015

The Widow's Handbook not let me buy anymore greens, oranges or reds.
Even if I cry.
Even if I beg you.
Even if there is an awesome sale on Hancocks of Paducah!!

Sitting here on my wonderful backyard porch, I hear a kitten mewing...or is it a baby??
No, is the wheezing from your own asthmatic chest.
I got asthma when I was forty and it has become worse over the years,
Of course, it has nothing to do with stress!!!!

Just sharing here a blog I have been following for a few years now.
One of the three non-quilting blogs I read.
Our Forest Haven
She is one brave lady!!

Here are found things as I am organizing.
Cat notebook covers.
My grandmother's Swedish Christmas embroideries...tons of them!!
Pictures are just to cheer us on...before the whine:)

ALS is a terminal ups, no downs...never a better day.
There is no chemo, no radiation, no hope at all.
Once diagnosed, my husband set out to confirm that all our affairs were in order.
Everything was in both names, the wills and powers of attorney were set.
He closed my business for me, so I would not have to. I then retired.
Things were paid off, talks happened, grief started.

When he died, he took his skill set with him, among other things.
His paycheck, his wisdom, his kindness, his brain, his warmth.

I am trying to figure out the money.
The house is paid off, but there is a lot of expensive maintenance when I have to hire out what he could have done for nothing.
It always goes back to one day at a time...Just figuring out one thing..
My sister will be helping 10 year old Evan cut the grass tomorrow..
Emily is sending me soup recipes.
Michael fixes the car.
Muggs does the library for me so I will not spend money stupidly.
Child care is one half of my income..

Enough rambling
And, probably Hancock's of Paducah is now dead to me.
Figuring things out is still a slow process.

I read an entire novel yesterday afternoon...stayed up till 1:30 am to finish it.
I have not done that in a long. long time.  It is Kara's fault!
I went to bed in my clothes.

Going to put the greys and blacks in their new home.
Read the last half of CS....I liked the book in the daytime. I am going to read it again.

I need a on one shelf lie clipped papers of quilts I will make when I am 100, I guess.
How to store them??? Attractively??
I am reorganizing, you see. I need pretty.
I am so furious about ALS and I am so furious that Rhonda got a brain tumor.
I think I will calm myself by watching again, a few episodes of "Frankie and Grace" on Netflix.
I need a laugh.
Thank you for your enduring support.
Forgive me for being lax on thanking you for comments.


Rachaeldaisy said...

I don't know what to say sometimes so I'll just send hugs and hope they help a little.

ES said...

Let's see a green orange and red quilt!! Then you won't feel guilty for having so much of those colours ;) you're a brave lady Diane, and you're firmly in my thoughts. You still mange to have a sense of humour through out all your ups and downs xx

Karaquilts said...

I hope it was a satisfying read!!! Isn't it wonderfully indulgent to read a book all the way through in nearly one sitting?? That's my reward in "old age" ~ ~ Which author did you start with?

Patterns, quilt ideas: I have a friend that scans them into her computer and empties her shelves and drawers of paper. I'm not quite that organized yet, but it sounds like a good plan. Stacks of paper only look good in pretty file folders!! Let me know if you find another way to decorate them!!

You're doing well ~ ~ every day. xoxoxo

Karaquilts said...

My roommate says: ORIGAMI (for your papers!!!)