Sunday, October 11, 2015

Midnight Mending.

Ho Ho...It is the midnight hour again...I could not sleep after sleeping all weekend.
I am washing and mending for my sister.
Here is a quilt that had been hanging on her wall in her old home for quite awhile..
The story:  She and I were perusing at the Metrolina Antique show about 10 years ago.
This quilt was a steal, but my sister did not have the money.
So the cheeky sisters called dear ol' Ma....
Will you buy this quilt for Charmaine.
Of course, she said yes.
No one loves you like a mother.
 Here, the mending of a well loved quilt. 
I put together a utility quilt for my niece, 100 years back.
The binding was ripped off from loving..
It is all soft and well used.  Now ready to go back to its  owner.
 I love this cheddar fabric.  It was $11 a yard at Mary Jo's Fabric Store.
I was disgusted with the expense, so only bought a half a yard.
I try not to spend more than 5 or 6$ a yard.
I put it next to the wonderful fat quarters Cousin Ann brought me from Hamilton, Missouri.
Now, my brain is going 600 miles an hour..all these quilts to make....
 and me....
Sleeping away the weekend, wishing for that which will never be.
Will try to take exhausted self to the Queen Bee tomorrow am.
I miss my friends who have been soooo good to me.


smazoochie said...

The 9-patch is a ray of sunlight with that golden yellow. You are good to mend it for her.
Fabric is so expensive now! It seems worst at the big box stores. But sometimes you just have to succumb. I bought a Morris bright roll like the one you won. There is a fabric in there I could eat for breakfast, lunch & dinner.
Be well. x

http://thankfullga447 said...

I prayed for you and my friend at church, she gave me a hug Sunday her husband Dr. Tom passed away from ALS. I told her how you use the blog as a journal. Just imagine all she has been through and expecting over 600 people at the memorial service and gave me a hug. Dr. Tom got so many responses from parents who thanked him for saving their child life.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Your sisters quilt has a lovely story. I love the yellow. Hee hee you don't know what expensive fabric is, in Australia we pay about $20-25 a meter which is about a yard, but you're right that it's always good to look out for sales. And good to treat yourself to some yummy cheddar fabric no matter what the cost.