Friday, October 23, 2015


Cutting for three projects at once:)
Change purse zippy bags
 With zippers from
 Handwarmers...or cold compresses
Cutting here various charms with scrap flannel for the project.
OMG...The sound of silence is upon me....
Working on small gifts to hand out for the holidays.


This is the first time in forever that I have had the time and energy.

Grief squalls I have to deal with yet, one more family crisis...
Where is my love to comfort me?
What would he have said?
It is not right that he died.
Am I strong enough?
Why does the photo of my future seem so grainy?

I found this awesome blog that got me going again on antique quilts, etc. Wabi Sabi Quilts
Then I remembered that my man and I used to collect them together back in the day.
Now, sad.

Switching it all out with cutting and color.
Full circle on eventide...making for others, to cheer myself.
Thank you dear Mother..Thank you.

An ALS Awareness Story

This video was very difficult for me to watch.
Of course I waited till midnight to see it.

Matt June died yesterday.  His story is being made into a movie.

The hardest part is the Hoyer lift...watching a formerly strong athlete, now atrophied and hanging on the lift.
I would add that this disease is very expensive.
The last four months of my husband's life cost $5000 a month out of pocket for caregivers alone.
If my brother-in-law had not sent us money, I could have lost our house.
Thank you for watching.


Debbie said...

I have no words to comfort you...nothing I can say that will make a difference. I don't know if time heals all wounds, I hope for your sake it brings a comfort to buffer the emptiness you must feel!!

Your projects are pretty, it's good to start early, I really like the colorful fabrics!!

ES said...

Diane, we obviously read the same blogs because I have been looking at the wabi sabi blog today as well! How funny! What a coincidence!

ps I did it, the baby arrived!! A little boy, we're very excited/tired/happy etc etc :)

Rachaeldaisy said...

It's great to see you playing with all that colour!!

Barb said...

great gifty to make.