Friday, July 5, 2013

July 5 and 4 and 3...

The Fourth of July...We  happened to show up at my mother's assisted living facility just as they were having  a sing song...How perfect was that!!!  No one was shy here...Of course, I tried to take a photo with my phone and pushed video instead...ha...still cute.  My mother and her friends just loved these visitors of mine.
 Sitting in my front yard in our cul-de-sac while the neighbors put on a show to die for...Lucky us...Someone was enthralled....
We made it a party with red, white and blue popsicles 
 in a freezer low enough for everyone to help themselves.  Here we have 2 popsicles down and more to go.
I did some sewing tonight finally.  Did the binding on this baby changing pad.  Great to get back at the machine.  
 My room is very spooky with no blinds yet on the windows...I am so glad that I have a big black dog!!!  Hopefully she will have more interest in the boogie man than she did in the snakes...

July 3rd was my one year anniversary of my concussion.   Stress still gives me symptoms, but  I am so much better.  I cannot believe it has been a year.

Our favorite Herb came today with the news that there were no honey bees at my house, just nasty Yellow Jackets.....With Herb on the attack, the Yellow Jackets did not have a chance.

Looking forward to the 6th of July!!!

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