Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thinking of...

The gratitude of the give and take of friendship, the delicate balance of relationships and how so worth it they all are.  This is a great book IMHO.  Thank  u Muggs for getting it for me.  It has me back thinking once again, of all the pieces of women's lives that are reflected in quilts.
 I know that I have posted about this pink and yellow fan quilt before.  It is one of my favorites.  I got it from a country antique store at a time when my whole family was going to Riverdance.  The tickets to Riverdance were $65.  So, when I saw this quilt, I asked them to call the seller and offer $65.  She took it, I did not go to Riverdance with the family, and I never regretted a minute of it. 
 This morning, reading the book, I got all philosophical.  I wondered what kind of person made this quilt.  For sure it is Southern as the filling is the fluff from the Carolina Cottonwood tree.  It is all hand pieced and hand quilted.  I assume it was a woman...What would she think of her quilt hanging behind my big screen TV.  What would she think if she knew that I wonder about her life and if she had had suffering in it and about all the scrap pieces. 
 Then on my sofa is the Checkerboard, bought for $50..again all hand pieced and hand quilted.  What would she have thought about the price I paid and the place it landed.  Was this quilt pieced from pain or joy or just creativity? 
 The blue one is one of the quilts I made from my father's shirts after he died.  There is a label on this one..."Daddy's Shirts, #3", with his name and mine.
 Pumpkin is glad that I am in a good mood today.  She had been concerned, so she decided to oversee the quilting room for me......
It is now lunch time and I have done nothing but relax and philosophize!!  Ha...a novel idea for me:)


smazoochie said...

I have not read any Marie Bostwick books, sounds like I should. Yes, it's all there in our quilts, the highs & lows & all in between.
~squeeze-y hug~

Dora, the Quilter said...

I saw my second full size quilt in an antique store for $15. My neighbor had bought it from me four years earlier for $35 when I moved.
I told the store owner it was mine. However, I did not want it back!