Thursday, July 11, 2013

This Strange Life of Ours..

The update on my mother is.....she has just spent the past two days hallucinating.  It has been terrible.  The patch that made her feel better, sent her around the moon.  She was picking at non-existent things and spewing nonsense...OMG...way too much.   Yesterday they took off that patch.  I visited her twice today...this morning she was coming around and this afternoon she was back.  So relieved was I to walk in and find her cutting up with her favorite caregivers, smiling away.

Pumpkin is giving comic relief here as she enjoys Dylan's almost finished quilt.  Pumpkin is not the sort to wait on any binding, you know!

 And then, more of the strange life thing.  My friend Marie...from Miami and now from Colorado, sent me this card, maybe 17 years ago.  I kept it because I loved the quilt and wanted to make it some day.  Today I opened it and re-read the message.  It was all about how she admired my strength and how I survived what I had been through...Oh, Marie, if you only knew how much that message means so many years later.  And to think that I had kept the card for the quilt, when the message was what really had meant so much.  Hugs xxoo


smazoochie said...

Oh dear. If isn't one thing, it's another.
How lovely your friend's message chose the perfect time to reappear.

Rachaeldaisy said...

How awful, though I'm glad they were able to take off the patch and your mom was smiling. That quilt on the card is fabulous, but sounds like the real treasure is inside. Lucky you have Pumpkin there to stop your quilts from blowing away.