Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Gifts....

About 15 years ago I won a bag of "candy" at a quilt show.  I had it a few years before I realized that it was fabric candy.  Each of the pieces was a hand dyed charm.  I kept it forever hoping to re-gift it, as I thought it so clever.  Today I gave myself the gift.  I opened them all up and ironed them for myself!!  I said thank you:)

My daughter gave me a housecleaning Groupon for Mother's Day.  I celebrated today.  My house is spotless..for the first time in forever!
Mr. Two Red Wellies took time out of his busy three day business trip in Charlotte, to come to see me last night.  I was grateful and delighted. 
And, best of all, Mr. O'Quilts is coming home tonight from his three week vacation in Europe.  He just called from Philly and will be home soon.  My dearest heart!


smazoochie said...
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smazoochie said...

A gift from your daughter, a gift from yourself & the wonderful gift of Mr. O'Q back home with you -- a blessed day.
(typo in my first version)