Monday, July 15, 2013


Trying hard here not to name every single blog post...."Getting a Grip"!!!!!!  A good old time friend came by  yesterday with his kids to visit.  With a heads up I was able to make them our 70 year old family fudge recipe...added marsh mellows this time....Look how perfectly it came out...There was not much left when they took it home.  They assembled my new vacuum and put up one blind...lifted some heavy things for me.  We had some good laughs...Thank you Michael and your wonderful sons.
 I love, love, love a bargain, almost as much as I love things on wheels.  This came on UPS from Harbor Freight.  It was $50 on sale for I think...$38.  THEN...Harbor Freight had a 25% off coupon for July 4 only...Bingo!!!  How much fun is this:)
 Jerry put it together for me!!  Thank u Jerry...u too are wonderful..  And to Muggs for sharing her man.
We are off to IKEA this morning.  I, of course, have to be driven since concussion symptoms make their appearance if I drive too much.  TBTG for friends to drive me and make me laugh.  Hoping to get some new additions to my new sewing room..stay tuned.

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Dora, the Quilter said...

Looking forward to seeing your new acquisitions from IKEA (nearest one to us is over 400 miles away). However, nothing can equal that incredible cabinet your fabric is in!