Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To Stay, or Not to Stay

Today's doings...A big thank u to Nancy for a lovely brunch at Le Peep's....and garden presents too...Thank you to your man, the beekeeper, for picking the blackberries this morning for me...
Before I went to brunch...I was thinking this:   Just love this fabric by Maxine.  Ha!!

 Marie HM...remember you gave me this little plane label 25 years ago in Miami., when I was working with the airlines?  ..See how I keep it all...You always found the cutest things.  Below,  my favorite Christmas glass from the flea market...Vintage is my style.  It makes the seltzer taste so much better today.
 And pray tell me....why..I mean, why...did I keep Grandma's hose clips from her girdle???????   Gotta get a grip here....

1 comment:

smazoochie said...

The other stuff, no, not a problem. The hose clips, yes, a problem. ;-)
Though look up Pamela Allen, she uses them in her quilts.