Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday and all..

Marni came to visit. With her family, she took me to dinner. Soon came a singing waiter with a birthday birthday is in December!!  
Marni thinks she is soooo funny. 
 Anyway, she got me this rug at an auction..She gave me the bargain price of $200 and drove it down from Virginia.  Nice to have a friend and nice to have the rug, even though I did not pick it out.  Her friend, the rug dealer put a new fringe on it.  Thank u Marni!!
See my table from Rabat....  I got it for a carton of cigarettes and a kiss on the cheek on a visit to Morocco...I was 21 and even then knew a good deal....ha!
 My new sewing room is coming along.  But, I cannot find things.   I had to take my London quilt off the design wall because I cannot find the rest of the cut white strips...another day.
 Lynsey's quilt had to come down too...It is so not right.  The numbers that I was going to add are missing.  Into a bag goes this one too.
Instead of finding things I want, I am really finding things I am not looking for 10 pairs of scissors, etc and this water soluble stabilizer.  I had not used it before.  After appliqueing the letters, I forgot the whole thing in the sink of water.  When I remembered it, the stabilizer was all gone.  Sounds very good to me!!
Evan is spending the night tonight.  We are going on an adventure to the LEGO store tomorrow.  Tonight we played UNO and started a jigsaw puzzle.  It is nice to have an 8 year old "Mr. Wonderful" spending the night with me. 
This weekend, my nephew cut the grass.  My son did weeding and hedge trimming and my daughter-in law- scrubbed the laundry room. Gratitude is a wonderful thing.

My DIL wanted to take some of my fabric to make her friends some bags.

She chose some of my favorites...I so wanted to say I love..NO!!!..

Instead, I told her that she had good taste in fabric.  When she told me where she got the good taste, I let flattery guide me.
...and that's all she wrote.

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Rachaeldaisy said...

What a great rug and a fun friend. I'll join in and wish you a Happy Birthday ;) . It's so annoying when you can't find things in your sewing room, but it must've been good to find 10 pairs of scissors! You are so generous letting go of some of your favourite fabrics, I bet your DIL will make the most of them though. Have a fun evening with Evan.