Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Doing the Joy Thing

I love a bargain...half price...my very favorite flower...a treat for myself as I walked the grocery store per instructions from physical therapy!!!

The above four patch snowballed into blocks...hope to set them manana.

Maybe I should limit my grocery store walks...Look!!!!
Already, my favorite Christmas ice cream...They will be sold out by Thanksgiving!!

Arriving home this morning from an outing...A family of deer..
I only got a picture of  one or two, but there were 6 at least!!
They are in the field beside me multiplying like crazy.  I live in the woods,
in the city...love..
It was freezing this morning...65 degrees F. I needed to wear a sweater for my breakfast on the deck.
So excited for my favorite season.
Our school system drops off free meals for Corona virus, stay at home children.
The school bus comes to the end of my street with the boxed food.
In the past few weeks, we have accumulated so many apples and pears.
The pears all ripened at once.  Last night Lynsey and I made pear crumble.
This morning it was gone...Lynsey had it for breakfast!!
Tonight, I had told her that I would do her kitchen clean up, if she would peel and core the apples.
It took forever to cook them down on the stove, adding a bit of sugar and cinnamon.
We had homemade apple sauce on vanilla ice cream.  Dylan's doctor said he could eat cooked apples.
But, he was afraid.
Above a lovely card and patches from Suzette...She has the most wonderful cards and the most wonderful heart..
I am going to make a patriotic potholder  or two!!
Last thing and the best thing...a visit...Linda helped me fold the last half of my white fabric.
She took snips and I discovered fabric that I had long forgotten.

Yesterday was a bit of a slump after PT,  but, a great faithful boost from my Orkin guy set me on the right and grateful path.  He is so nice.  He came to my husband's funeral.
Twice I have called him late at night to share that I found a big and ugly roach in my house...I leave a message on his answering machine that thankfully, he leaves turned off.
The next day he calls me...Was the roach dead or alive.
I say....dead.
He says, well....I can only kill it once...ha!!

Sooo lucky to have friends.. New friends never, ever replace the old.
According to Girl Scouts...One is silver and the other gold!!

OH...one last treat:  Aoife in Spokane trying out her new pacifier


Shasta Matova said...

What a lovely cheery post. I do think you will have to find a less expensive place to walk. I like walking outside in the neighborhood.

Peter K said...

Yes, cheery is good! The sunflowers reminded me of these wild ones the boys and I came across today. Hairy Sunflowers they are, says Mr. Google Lens:


Keep ur powder dry,